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Ability to move steps (not pitch) up and down in Samples Tab using Lower Right Knob

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  • Ability to move steps (not pitch) up and down in Samples Tab using Lower Right Knob

    So I've posted about this before, but worded it wrongly so I made a video to try and be as clear as possible. Please let me know if I can explain even further b/c I believe it is important

    It would be amazing if the lower right knob control in the Sample Sequence Tab mirrored that of the Keys Sequence Tab under the Sequences Info button. Right now, if we put a step into the sequence when the Keys Tab is selected we can use the lower right knob to move it up or down to our liking. This is great for a variety of reasons, but when the Pads Sequence Tab is selected the lower right knob does nothing. I wish that it did though so that we could have the ability to move the steps up or down in this sequence as well.

    I want to clarify that I am NOT talking about changing the pitch here, since that can easily be done elsewhere. I"m specifically asking that we be able to move the STEP up or down (not the pitch). I feel this would enhance the workflow b/c it would mirror the other sequence controls. It can be difficult to be precise when entering steps into the sequence so being able to move them left/right/up/down is clutch on the Keys Tab Sequence, and I believe it would be on the Samples Tab as well.

    Please see the attached video for more clarification.

    Steve J Thanks for allowing me to explain this request more clearly Like I said on my last post, I love this machine, but I do feel like this could really enhance the experience.