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Basic performative tools please

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  • Basic performative tools please

    Hello, while i am finding blackbox perfect when it comes to sampling, in/outs, memory, tho I m finding it super frustrating when it comes to basic workflow things and very often i am forced to leave BB aside and switch to other gears because of this, my wish list is all about to improve the wokflow and performance capabilities on the basics:

    1. Note Repeat and swing

    2. Live recording mode like Digitakt/Digitone with micro timing would be an acceptable solution to make things less static .

    3. Reassign a given sequence to a different pad so different pads can play the same sequence

    4. Duplicate Sequence, so to lengthen it as much as the user want

    5. Note
    length, automatically the note lengthen for as much time as the player hold a key on the keyboard , at the moment this doesn't happen automatically

    6. when in MIXER page the first layout should be the mute/unmute because this is more necessary operation to be reached fast , especially when performing live than by pressing INFO you achieve the PAN page which is a secondary operation

    7. scale mode locks also external midi midi controllers, at the moment it works only on the touch screen

    those are brad and butter operations really


    it would be great to have an arpeggioator and a chord mode in the future so to make things "epic"