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  • Your Top 5 Wishlist / Most wanted features

    Here are my most requested features., The one it's difficult to live without :


    1 - Assignables ENVELOPES AND LFO (at least sine and random)
    TO FILTER AND PITCH (+ Optional START sample position).
    Possibility of 2 ADSR

    2 - SYSEX abilities : to record and send sysex messages (to control
    external synth, sending patches at the right moment, for example).

    3 - More ADVANCED MULTISAMPLE MODE with keyrange (or keyzone) selection
    for each sample and the ability to set each sample to the selected
    MIDI note manually (and assign the same sample on several midi
    notes, but manually) with a dedicated intependent
    Pitch/ADSR/FILTER and sample options for each sample

    5 - Possibility to import MIDI files (*.mid)

    6 - Fades and/or zero crossing points on looping within a sample.

    OPTIONAL : some cool features I read on the forum, not mines except for curves
    - Portamento
    - ADSR CURVES (to have the ability to modify the curve of the decay
    for example, set it lo linear, log, + exp or manually bend it with the
    turn of a button
    - Keep pad settings when loading a new sample
    -Custom Colors for PADS ?
    - Ability to load a new song / sequence in the background
    - Mute for Sequences/ Mute for MIDI*
    - Cue with the PHONES : headphones only output
    - Disable timestreching option (ON/OFF) ? already existing maybe ?
    - Overwrite y/n? (!) especially when loading a sample that has the
    same name
    - Keep the original pitch shifting algorythm which sounds really grainy ... I love this aliasing, sounds like Old school Samplers (only If you create other pitch shifting algorythms)
    - More tweak options and random panning mode for the granular sampler would be crazy !
    - Undo fuction

    What's yours ?

    THANK YOU very very much for all the devs, because it's already so great, with a nice price, and this is so close to be one of the most wonderful sampler / machine we ever had ... I love the grain of the pitchshifting, and the granular mode ... WOW !
    These few steps are really important and would turn this machine into something EPIC ...
    LOVE !
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    1. Freely assignable LFO pads with common waveforms incl. S&H and optional MIDI sync
    2. Freely assignable LFO pads with common waveforms incl. S&H and optional MIDI sync
    3. Freely assignable LFO pads with common waveforms incl. S&H and optional MIDI sync
    4. A 3-band parametric EQ for each pad (or let the user chose between filter and EQ if CPU resources are a problem)
    5. Better time stretching

    Bonus: 6 months of feature freeze with heavy focus on usability/workflow improvements in collaboration with the community


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      1. More FX choice even if it has to remain two slots per pad (examples : LoFi, Filter with Resonance, stutter/beatmasher, beat roll, scratch/turntable break)
      2. Parameter automation (including ADSR/filter/FX/Velocity)
      3. Stems export in separate .WAVs+MIDI (ok if playback needs to be stopped when exporting)
      4. Multisample MIDI automated recorder assistant with multiple velocity layers (à la MPC)
      5. MIDI/SMF file import in SEQS
      6-Bonus : Crossfading/Morphing between PSETs.
      7-Bonus : Revamp of the SONG mode with ability to define number of play iterations per section (à la Teenage Engineering)
      8-Bonus : Happier and more colorful UI.

      Of course I also like the other's suggestions (LFOs etc...)

      Man if all of this can be done, this is going to be crazy !

      Good luck to 1010music teams, there is so much expectation ongoing on these forums.
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        1) Smooth bi directional looping (and no click/faded looping in general) Would enable creating longer sounds from short samples. Granular mode simply doesn't do this well.
        2) Some LFOs with plenty of destinations. i.e to FX controls/sends, panning, filter or granular settings
        3) Adding resonance to the filter
        4) Adding some more FX to choose from. Don't mind two slots. It would just be nice to have more to choose from. There's 16 in the FX box. Surely some of those could be moved over? Vinyl, panner, bit crusher, flanger etc
        5) Velocity editing in sequence mode and maybe sone parameter automation. Even if only a couple of lanes.

        Honourable mentions

        Sequences longer than 128 steps.
        Routing options. If a pad is routed to output 1,2 or 3 then remove those sounds from the headphone out.
        Muting midi out when muting the pad sending midi.
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          I think users should decide on what they want really blackbox to become. It can't really fit all purposes . It can't be a good sampler, with a good internal/external sequencer, a good looper, a good recorder etc..
          I think the developers should focus on one direction. It already has a lot of features packed in a small space. unfortunately it doesn't excel in any department with regard to other options.
          For me Blackbox should focus on becoming a hardware NI battery with the added ability to stream long samples. This is something that is missing from the hardware community.
          To become that, it needs
          1)a better midi implementation(midi control of more parameters like fx sends and midi program change banks),
          2)lfo's and mod options for the adsr
          3) more fx(even simple ones maintaining the 2 slots for simplicity and cpu efficiency),
          4)better multi-sampling and
          5)better file operations and speed like saving all samples with current root note assigned or loading folders of samples without having to open the specific folder and select load all(we live in an era that time is invaluable!)
          I really don't care about the sequencer since there are countless options cheap or expensive, software or hardware that can seriously sequence Bbox. iPad sequencers that rely on similar touch interfaces will still remain a way better option than the best sequencer that Bbox can become in the future.
          my 2cent...
          Ps. resonance missing is something that i can't really understand!Maybe a cpu thing.....
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            1. Velocity editing in sequence mode.
            2. More than 128 steps.
            3. More FX
            4. Mute groups or at least mute all
            5. Possibility to choose several pads in mix mode for simultaneous volume change


            • #7
              1. Better program change implementation (user defined)
              ​​2. More than 128 steps (limited by SD card)
              3. Unquantized midi recording
              4. 'Live bounce' using a pad to record the master output.
              5. Navigate screens while recording engaged.


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                1. MIDI import
                2. independent pads and sequences (currently not possible to control external midi gear without having a pad assigned)
                3. velocity editing in the sequencer and more than 128 steps
                4. gapless preset changes
                5. more FX options and filter resonance control and types

                I'd like to use it as my main sequencer, the sampling is good enough as it is.

                What about a blackbox XL? Proper connectors, multiple MIDI ports, more knobs and 7-10 inch screen? It would be even more the killer device than it is already!


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                  1. NORMALIZE wav. i'm actually pretty shocked its not already here (unless it is and i can't find it). this is my only absolutely must-have.

                  2. for long samples itd be nice to have a visual cue that they're going to stop playing once they finish the rest of their quantized loop. fade out? flashing? sometimes you're not sure if they disengaged or not

                  2. agree with some (modulatable) LFOs. a few more basic effects would be cool. bit crush, ring mod, trem, just a few more low-cpu standard ones fine

                  3. clock out multiplier


                  • #10
                    1. An option to switch the outputs (and input) between modular and line level
                    2. Be able to assign names to pads regardless of which sample is loaded (very helpful with live looping, or when dealing with long sample names).
                    3. A button to normalize a sample.
                    4. Looping without clicks/pops.
                    5. Some more polyphony options, like being able to set polyphony per pad and preventing clicks/pops when running out of polyphony (perhaps by starting to fade out the last note before the hard polyphony cap is reached). I'd love to load up just a single piano multi sample and essentially play it as a rompler.

                    I think getting the basics right is more important than adding lots of features.


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                      1. Export sequences as stems
                      2. When routing to outs 1-3 option to remove from headphone mix to hear only effects on a signal that’s routed back in via external fx
                      3. Ability to add samples to individual keys ( you can slice a sample to multiple keys so why not be able to add different samples to
                      4. Colour coordinate parts to easily see them an a sequence window with multiple parts
                      5. Duplicate 1,2,4 bars ( or highlight and copy) within a sequence

                      a cheeky 6th one - solo the part in key edit mode on the sequencer page - the amount of time I delete the wrong notes from the wrong part
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                        1. Midi cc/note control - a musician's feet looper/multi-track
                        2. BB SD accessible as an over USB client storage device; file transfer/Mount a connected USB drive to the BB as a storage device; file transfer
                        3. FX: saturation, wow/flutter sim, degradation, distortion/chorus/comb; filter sophistication/types, patch system
                        4. Euclidian sequencer
                        5. BB as Audio Interface, sample over USB


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                          1 Lfos and loopable envelopes (3 of each, freely asignable to the granular and sample modes, filter, pitch, etc)
                          2 resonance for the filter
                          3 the option to merge several multisample slots so you could use more polyphony (8) but sacrificing pads
                          4 read the SD via usb
                          5 stutter and distortion fx
                          6 customisable scales


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                            >stolearm, very nice topic you started here thanks ! Very good summary of what people want with priority.

                            The latest 1.5.x experimental beta is interesting as it’s testing faster sd streaming. So maybe it’s what needed to be done first for many of the requested features to come true.


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                              All these features are quite neat but I am curious about how you guys manage your sample library? How do you make sure a sample isn't already in use in some other preset? I therefore advocate a sample counter when loading a sample so one knows it had already been used.. (or if you guys have a working management system please enlighten me, thanks!!)


                              • jayneural
                                jayneural commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Since firmware v1.5 you have a feature that consolidates any sample used by your preset by making a copy in your preset folder. At the same time it introduces preset folders which clean the little mess we used to have on the root directory. The feature is called “pack” and you can find it on the PSET section.