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    I'm new - which I guess is good and bad for you product developers - but my immediate need is to be able to connect more USB midi devices simultaneously. It's a compact unit, and the size and portability are a major selling point. To make full use of it while still enabling dynamic performance requires appropriate peripheral connectivity. The obvious portable solution is USB midi devices, but the compact options are independent units. Without these options, I may as well lug around a bit of studio kit OR the BB device becomes a sketch pad.


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      First post. Ive been enjoying the Box for 2 weeks now, and here’s my wishlist:

      1) Velocity editing on Seqs page. Either per note with a knob, or some sort of velocity lane.

      2) The Trim menu seems the most counterintuitive to me so far. Wish the start and end points in sample mode would be retained after switching to clip, without overwriting the file. If that’s not possible, Trim could save a copy, but make the trimmed file active.

      3) More FX: distortion, other reverb types. Not sure if this has been suggested, but could one output and the input be utilized as an FX loop for live manipulation? Sure, you could use a mixer, but there could be other benefits in this, like future automation of send levels.