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  • Toggle between Loop Length and Loop End

    Hi there,

    This is my first post on this forum on my first day with the Blackbox, which seems to be a great unit. But, it has one major feature missing: Loop Length. No, it's not the same as Loop End.

    So, having loop start and end is a great thing. But if we had also loop length, we could do the following:

    - We could set a loop that's exactly how long we want it to be, and then change the loop start and move within the sample while keeping the loop length constant. Not possible to do this at the moment with a regular MIDI controller

    - If we were playing the Blackbox with a sophisticated MIDI controller like a QuNeo, then we could assign Loop Start to one CC, Loop Length to another and move within the sample in very creative ways. Having full control on 1 single grain is a powerful sound design and performance tool. In fact, I make most of my living doing just that as an improviser

    Basically, I would love if a pad could function like Ableton Live's Simpler (no I don't want the Blackbox to be Ableton Live)

    So, I was wondering if there would be any hope in implementing this soon. At least an option to toggle between controlling loop length and loop end.


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    +1 - I often assign the loop start and loop end to the same cc, and set the amount to something less than 100%. I think that should maintain loop length, though I am not totally certain it does. In any case I would love to just set loop length and not need to use the midi controller to achieve this


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      No, it doesn't really work that way if you want to make the loop length really short.

      I hope they implement this. Would make the Blackbox a little more better than it already is


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        You want the Loop End to be fixed to a beat count and maintain that size/length when adjusting the Loop Start?


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          Not OP here, but... Pretty much, yes.Personally, I'd prefer to measure loop length by samples than by beat count so I can still easily get down to single cycle wave forms. Then I can have a sort of busted wavetable


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            I basically want to control loop length with one CC and loop start with another CC. As it is, this is impossible.


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              I've had BB a few months now and would really love to see this implemented.


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                +1 for this as well