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  • Global record monitor button

    Hey there, I like to use the blackbox to lay down some beat and then jam along to it to get the feeling and be inspired. But the thing is I have to take a sample slot, load a muted sample and enable record monitor to hear what I'm playing with whatever instrument connected. So would you maybe consider to use the empty area in the tools > recording menu to add a button like "input through" so that I hear the sound of the record input? And maybe even be able to select a specific output for the monitor signal as well?

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    So if I get it well it would be like a "prepare" mode in the record screen, and once you're happy with the recording, you set the output and add it on a pad ?


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      This is the same issue:

      And my point is that I need to activate Rec On on a pad, so why not as an option in the tools menu?


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        Looks like from the response in the other thread you can do it but you still have to go through a PADs propertied even if it’s a global setting.

        Maybe it would make sense the “monitor on” button to be placed in Settings or Mixer screens rather than inside PAD properties screen. It’s currently typically where we need it the most often though.


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          +1 for this feature


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            It's already there. Set Rec Mon: ON. That's it. You can do this from any Recording/Load screen. This setting is global so you only have to set this once.