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Key grid mode to midi controller?

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  • Key grid mode to midi controller?

    I love the key grid mode. Turning keys into a grid is so cool. Is there a way to apply or assign that grid to a midi controller? It would be dope to assign the bride to a MDP or something with pads. Just an idea.

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    Not sure how that could be a feature of the BlackBox as it would be entirely up to the midi controller to map this.

    For instance, I can set up a 16x16 grid on my Novation Launchpad X and use the MIDI the channel for KEY's and now have a "key grid". This effectively makes it possible to load a whole drumkit on a single pad and trigger each sound individually with the Novation Launchpad X.

    Still BlackBox does what I has to do to make this possible, the rest needs to be done by the external midi controller, something BlackBox can't control.


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      If you set the MIDI Out channel (on the selected pad) to match your external synth you can play it using the grid keyboard or the standard keyboard.