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  • More Sample Editing features...

    Hi, This may have been mentioned already in prior pages, but I would love some more sample editing features such as:
    - normalize to - (a specific dB setting)
    - fade in/fade out
    - silence a selection
    - and an undo function (there may not be enough ram or the ability to use a scratch disk space on an SD card to accomplish this)

    What a great box!

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    Would be nice to have those edit features. And maybe more:
    - Reverse a section (set with start / end points)
    - Cut / Silence
    - Paste or add a (just cut) section.


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      And would be the occasion to add destructive FX as well : bit crusher/depth, freeze, phaser, turntable stop, distort, reverse, gater, stutter.

      Of course, some would be more useful in realtime but I don't know if the BB can handle this. Still a destructive bit crusher, reverse or freeze would make sense.