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    Regardless of the semantics or technical aspects of this (not that each of those isn't important), as sequencers go, just see how Arturia Keystep Pro (and MPC Live, etc.) work. While the Akai has massive processing (I assume), the Keystep Pro is on the other end of the scale (I assume). Both have this functionality and I agree with the other folks here, this would be next level stuff for getting "human feel". Interestingly, it's one of the most requested features for the Beatsep Pro, though to my knowledge Arturia never implemented it. I could be wrong.

    Thank you no matter for an absolutely incredible piece of gear and great community and listeners from the producer here.




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      Personally I wouldn't want to literally see a grid with very hi-res quanization options. It would be pretty difficult to manage. That's my objection to the current half-solution of using 64th note steps, it's just so fiddly.

      If there's ever a trigger-style option implemented, that would be ideal. Perhaps you could just see degrees of 'earliness' or 'lateness' on notes, maybe represented by colour on the grid or something.


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        Unquantized recording please, im all the time hesitating if to sell my blackbox or not because of not being able to unquantized recording


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          This has got to be my most desired feature by far along with it would be the ability to nudge/ microtime adjustment of note on and off (duration).


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            It would be nice to be able to record to a very high resolution (practically unquantized) and then be able to set the quantization. That would probably require a complete overhaul of the sequencer workflow though, so I can see how that would take a lot of work. As a workaround you can simply record the audio of whatever you're playing to a new sample, that way there's no quantization at all.

            Internal modulation has a much higher priority for me though.


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              i think turning off quantization is just extending the max sequence length from 128 to 999 steps (just like in mpc). and that would be very useful because it would be possible to record long fragments with high accuracy (1/32 or 1/64) and then modify them, sequence and record as audio files. it's the next step closer to the studio in BB.
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                Yes please... implement a not quantized feature.


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                  I'm a little salty we asking for this basic feature still.


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                    thank you for your continued patience.