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More divisions for the CVclock

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  • More divisions for the CVclock

    I don't know if this has already been requested, but as I had extensive sessions with my BB over the past days and already posted one topic I just use the opportunity to come up with this:
    Changing the divisions of the CVclock would be a lot of help when syncing modular gear. Even down to up to one clock signal every 4 bars or even more. I'm requesting this because like this
    I could use the ChaseBlissAudio BLOOPER to it's full potential. Maybe others here in the forum would benefit from this option as well....?

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    Been wanting this from the beginning.
    Would be a welcome addition for sure.


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      +1 in support of this. Having a 4 pulse locked CV clock makes it hard to sync with my Volca gear which is 2 pulse


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        +1 supporting this one. While syncing with TE PO-32 or any. They have a CV 2 ppqn while BB has 4 ppqn. If there would be an option to switch between length of CV out that would be Great! thank you!


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          +1 - making it easier to sync several current small synths

          as a tipp for you guys until then: use a trigger sample (google or sample the clock out of any synth), assign to a pad, route it to one of the outs (in my case out3L) and use a sequence with clock triggers how you need them


          • lozzie
            lozzie commented
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            Last time I tried that, I couldn't figure out how to remove the click sample from the mix in the headphone out.

            Admittedly, this was a while ago and there have been firmware updates since.

            Am I missing something?

          • R.A.W.
            R.A.W. commented
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            Iozzie, you are right. Unfortunately with this method you get click sounds on the headphone out. I just plugged my headphones in out1. I already entered another feature request and hope that with a fw update we will be able to mix the headphone output in the tools section.
            Or with that fr - making pads to not sound on the headphone out.

          • JohnPark
            JohnPark commented
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            heck yes, great tip, thanks!

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          Trying to hook up the BB with Pocket Operators and having this issue.
          An option to configure the clock divisions would be great!

          Volcas and Pocket Operators combined with the BB make up a really powerful and creative small synth setup.
          Travel friendly.