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Loosing settings when changing sample-mode

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  • Loosing settings when changing sample-mode

    I use my BB as a sample player, playing long samples for ambient music. I use it with a AKAI LPD 8 Pad Controller to trigger samples and control volume for the samples.

    I find it very irritating that i loose my settings for Launchmode and assigned CC´s when changing the sample-mode from f.ex. sample to granular. Am i dooing something wrong ?

    It would be very nice if the settings you have made for a pad will stay after changing the sample-mode.

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    Some setting will remain, others will change based on the pad type (sample, granular, etc). This is because some settings are more common for specific pad types so this has been baked in.

    I hear you that you'd prefer a different behavior. That's a fair request. I am moving this to the wish list thread as that is where this should live.


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      +1 - similarly I'd like to be able to load up a new file on a pad while maintaining all the pad settings.