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  • Roadmap for Next Version

    I'm curious to know of any upcoming features the team feels are ready to discuss. Just wishlist items that are actively being worked on or close to completion, which might potentially make it into the next build.

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    They are very secretive about releases so it's a question of wait and see i'm afraid


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      AFAIK 1010music don't like to commit on roadmaps because they fear that they can't fulfill their promises. I can't relate with that but that's how it is. (context)


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        I hadn't seen that thread. I appreciate your sharing it, as it answers my initial question in a responsible and diplomatic way.

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      That's pretty much what the 1.6 preview is right? The logical thing to do for the near future would be to work out the kinks of 1.5J.


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        All of that makes sense. I suppose most companies are like that, while Behringer, for example (no hate for the company, but just the one that popped into my mind), will tease an entire product that's nearing completion, then proceed to take three more years to release it. I was just looking to hear about some goals, not promises, but I get that the line between the two often ends up being blurred once they speak to the public about a feature.


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          Except maybe some big corps in the enterprise IT or industry sectors, I know few companies that commit on a roadmap.

          Wandering in these forums combined with a bit of realism will give you a good idea of what’s most requested and most probably to come.

          1010music tends to listen and implement most requested features as long as the hardware can handle them.
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            Originally posted by jayneural View Post
            Except maybe some big corps in the enterprise IT or industry sectors, I know few companies that commit on a roadmap.
            Nah in my experience it's quite the opposite. The bigger a company gets the less it cares about transparency to their customers. And especially in B2B nobody gives a shit as long it's not in a contract.

            The trick with the roadmap is not promising random features or even products. Appreciate the effort of your customers who are thinking and discussing about how to improve your product and show how this can be aligned with your product vision. And it must be coupled with transparency about what's going on behind the scenes. Especially for things you are not going to do. Everyone would understand if Aaron would say something like (purely fictional, that's only how I imagine it) "I can understand that you want to see more of a sample name in the interface and this a design flaw indeed. However, changing this would require a major rewrite of the current UI framework which would also affect all current devices. We might consider this in the long term but at the moment most customers prefer new features over usability improvements." Once I'd have read this, I wouldn't even think about this again. Compare this to the actual statement: "*crickets*...*tumbleweed*"

            But I see that this is getting a bit better since they have Steve on board.