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    A favorites list or Preset categories would be a great feature. For example, you could add the Jazz kit to the Drums category or a set of DX7 multisamples to an FM Synth category. Favorites would be far higher on my list, just so that you could easily build a set of go-tos without having to futz with the file structure on a computer.

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    I know it's not what what you are asking but I made my life a little easier with adding prefixes when saving all my presets. So I have KIT, PROJ, INST and then a number for templates which push them to the top.


    • Lonzo5
      Lonzo5 commented
      Editing a comment
      Good idea. I was trying to think of a system like that, like starting templates with 000, etc.

      Special character support for the keyboard would be a big help in that regard, just to be able to add a dollar sign or hashtag to favorites (really, the favorites system could be something as simple as that, just adding a hashtag at the beginning of the name, and then having the ability to filter the list down to only those folders).

      I don't know what would be involved in adding special chars to the BB keyboard, but it should be relatively simple to add a filter for files hashtagged in your OS.

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    I was actually thinking about special characters myself and was considering asking for that. I wanted to use an underscore and others which would help with sorting. Yes I can do that on my PC, but it feels a little extreme doing that just to rename something.