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add `start beat` and `end beat` for clips as a lossless alternative to trimming

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  • add `start beat` and `end beat` for clips as a lossless alternative to trimming

    It would be great if one could start or end a clip at a different beat number than only its beginning or its ending, with the obvious effect that the playback of the clip would then be shorter in terms of total beat count. The use case would be to play back a subslice of a clip because e.g you prefer a certain part of the clip or because you want not to playback a count in beat recorded in the beginning of a clip.
    Note that manually trimming a clip in the blackbox while fully preserving an integer beat count is currently impossible.

    For example, a start beat setting of 5 would play back the clip starting with beat number 5, making the clip 4 beats shorter. An end beat of 28 for a clip having 32 beats in total would cause playback to stop at the end of beat number 28.

    Clips depend on the setting of beats, which can be either user-specified or automatic. blackbox would simply rely on the user-specified beat count, as it already does for other clip related features.

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    It's an interesting feature that has been requested in some form in the past. You can use the Quant Size: parameter to stop exactly when you want...this does require counting and hitting the pad at the right moment. I get this is not what you want. Beat-based slicing and editing is a great idea.