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Choose midi cc by cc number and channel

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  • Choose midi cc by cc number and channel

    In addition to the midi learn functionality it would be great to dial in a specific midi cc number and channel with the Bb's knobs.

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    I agree. there are certain situations where "learning" is either not possible or not the fastest solution.
    1. in a live performance situation, you probably have all kinds of MIDI even already flowing thru that midi port, so you may not be able to isolate the one event you need
    2. you may be prepping a pset without having the correct controller connected yet
    The modulation picker already has some midi cc option ( MODW, MVOL, MPAN ) so why not extend the list and add an optional MIDI Channel parameter?


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      I am not sure but maybe the midi CC that is assigned to control a specific pad parameter is linked to the midi channel that the pad has been set to respond to. Anyway the fact that we cant see what midi cc number has been midi learned, is a problem and if we had the option to select a midi cc number then I suppose the midi learn function would also reflect the actual CC number. Good suggestion.