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UI Suggestion: tapping on an empty pad shouldn't display a playback bar

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  • UI Suggestion: tapping on an empty pad shouldn't display a playback bar

    Also minor, but I'm on a roll...

    Not sure if it's a bug, but right now ( 1.6.5) when you tap on an empty pad, it shows the little blue playback bar, which is confusing. it should probably just get selected, and nothing else.
    Same thing on the SEQS page, tapping on an empty sequence still arms it for playback, which also doesn't make much sense.

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    An empty pad can still send out notes over midi


    • Georges
      Georges commented
      Editing a comment
      That’s still too much of an assumption, a setup as a midi pad should also be explicit

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    Agreed, then it's not empty and should probably say MIDI or the Note number or something. I was specifically saying "Empty pads can only be selected, never played"

    Granted, I'm pretty new to the Blackbox, but all of my recent suggestions are about the UX/UI be internally consistent, rather than having the use to adapt and remember all kinds of special cases.

    It's already enough that we're all expected to know how to operate dozens of these fun little hardware boxes, each with their own way of doing things, so the more a device has a clear set of UI rules it follows, the easier it is to get to the fun part of making music, rather than remembering all kinds of special cases.


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      The best solution for me would be to be able to give pads custom names, regardless of which sample is loaded on it or if it's empty.


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        I prefer it how it is now.