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  • Top 3 feauture requests

    The BB is awesome!! It competes easily with the big players like MPC or the Elektrons, when it comes to making music (and not in getting lost in versatility). But there are some functions that make me jealous...
    1. Song to Sequence conversion (MPC legacy). I am not talking about resampling or freeze, but the actual sequencing data.
    2. Higher sequence count
    3. Filter resonance
    Runner ups are:
    1. Higher polyphony
    2. More modulation routing options - with automation in the sequencer
    3. Recordable mutes/unmutes
    I am sure there are many similar wishes in the forum. I am just adding to the bucket.


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    Great 6 top feature requests.

    but still, we need a few more FX


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      I would also like to support the idea of more modulation routing options in a future upgrade - especially over envelope stages and individual volume and reverb levels. I have the original BitBox and the new micro - in working on live layering of samples it becomes very apparent that filtering/EQ are essential part of the process of creating a live BitBox composition. Specifically I would like to have HP, LP, BP, resonance and selectable notches on each voice output.