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UI Suggestion: Combine MIX options into a single page

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  • UI Suggestion: Combine MIX options into a single page

    So, after testing using the BB in standalone live performance mode, I'm finding using two separate mix pages a little bit awkward. I understand why muting is on a separate page ( because muting competes with selecting the active pad to adjust volume and panning. But this also means the MIX page doesn't re-use some of the concepts that already exist in the PADS and SEQS page that also have the same UI and manage to combine selection and trigger mode in a single interface.

    • Top/Left Encoder should control touchless navigation, just like PADS and SEQS
    • Tapping a Pad toggles the Mute state ( just like it toggles the play state in PADS or SEQS )
    • Muting/Un-Muting a pad should also update the selection
    • Left-Aligning the 4x4 grid would free space for action buttons on the right, just like the PADS and SEQS
    Some useful action buttons (in no particular order):
    • SEL to use as a modifier to select a pad without toggling ( would be useful in PADS and SEQS mode too! )
      bonus if we could select a bunch of pads to modify levels/pan all at once.
    • BEAT as a toggle to delay the muting to the next beat, instead of immediate ( with the usual white outline showing the pads are armed )
    • SOLO to mute everything except the selection(s)
    • RESET to bring the selected level and pan back to 0
    Because it's a great mix performance tool, at the same level as level and panning, I'd love to have one of the encoders mapped to the pad's filter as well. This would make the encoder mapping:
    • Top/Left: Selection
    • Bottom/Left: Level
    • Top/Right: Filter
    • Bottom/Right: Pan
    Finally, this frees up the INFO button to show the individual mapping of the selected pad, which should include:
    • Level: clone of the PADS settings
    • Panning: same type of modulation/mapping options as the level.
    • Muting: same
    • Filter: clone of the PADS settings
    This would allow an external controller complete control over the MIX section. As well as re-using all of the UX existing in the PADS and SEQS section.

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    This is an awesome suggestion. Functionality of the touch screen would be really elevated.


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      Mixer on two pages is ok, however, it could use a feature upgrade. Design consistency would have you push the mixer button twice though instead of the info button (cf keys)


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        this would be great live performance upgrade. I like to perform on those 2 mix pages and as they are i would prefer mute page first for my workflow. It is def a an area of ui to explore updates.