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Multi-sample recording is genius, but...

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  • OlivierOzoux
    Originally posted by Steve View Post
    Press INFO on the Filename parameter in the Mx recording screen to change the name of the directory and wav files for a multisample.
    Aaah! my bad. should have tried INFO.

    I guess this is the first time you need to use INFO to open a menu item. It would be nice if tapping would also open that dialog, since this how a lot of other UI item work. this is the first one that didn't react to rotating the encoder or tapping, and I guess I should have tried pressing the INFO button next...

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  • Steve
    Press INFO on the Filename parameter in the Mx recording screen to change the name of the directory and wav files for a multisample. This filename can be different than the current preset. You can create multiple, uniquely named multisample sets in the same preset. I'm using 1.6.5 though this feature has been there.

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  • kraftf
    Totally agree with the velocity range part. There are many synths that take advantage of the velocity above 100.

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  • OlivierOzoux
    started a topic Multi-sample recording is genius, but...

    Multi-sample recording is genius, but...

    Not sure if these are bugs or missing features, but here we go:

    Should there be a velocity range just like there is a note range? right now it seems that the velocity of layer 1 is 100, and extra layers are 100 /n
    I can think of a number of synths where something different happen at velocities above 100 ( 303 style accents for example )

    Also, with a velocity range, it would be easier to capture the samples for the minimum velocity if the algo was the following:

    1 layer = record the max velocity
    2 layers = record max velocity and min velocity
    2+ layers = record evenly spaced velocities between min and max

    Since the matrix of velocity + notes quickly adds up ( and the load limit is 64 samples ), being precise when sampling velocities is probably important.

    The other issue I see is that you can't name the file before recording, it's stuck to "name of the preset" but actually records directly in the root of the preset, without creating a folder first. this means you can only have a single recording per preset, since the files don't have a unique name per recording session. In my test, the files were named:

    Presets\Test 0004\
    which seems like a bug.

    Also when recording it would be nice to have feedback showing the name of the file being recorded as well:

    Recording 1 of 4: File-036-050.wav
    Recording 2 of 4: File-036-100.wav

    Lastly, if your preset name is too long the velocity part of the filename is truncated, and files are recorded on top of each other.