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More fx! Please! Especially dj like performance fx!

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  • More fx! Please! Especially dj like performance fx!

    Having FX is very important for sampling and flipping samples.

    Refer to the SP 404, where you have three effects assigned to three knobs to have more DJ like performance.

    A lofi mode would be great.

    Stutter would be great. Tape stop would be great. Vinyl simulation and tape hiss would be great.

    I hope to god you see this 1010 Music.

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    A bitcrusher. An overdrive feature. Heavy sound design for samples


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      Definitely agree that it’s time for the firmware to add some Fx.

      Especially DJ style FX similar to the OP-Z or MC-101 would add a lot of fun using the unit !

      Hopes for the v1.7 ?


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        Here's a post from way back in January about adding FX. I'm good with two slots but adding a few more FX to choose from with a bit more control of those FX would be great.
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          Yes I guess if CPU can be problematic, two slots are acceptable, otherwise, having 4 slots would be really cool.

          If we have to stay with two, maybe the screen real estate and rotaries could be used for more control over the FX parameters. Or maybe place the filter there (in addition to it already being inside the sample sound design) and add resonance control.


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            2 slots is fine i think. I rather have the processing power used in other upgrades. You can always resample


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              Let’s make it :
              - 2 FX slots on the top corners / rotaries
              - Filter and resonance control on the bottom corners / rotaries

              + 4 automation lanes with free drawing or LFO type curve adjustment for these


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                A nice clean bit reduction (is that an oxymoron?) to get those Sp-1200 low sampling frequency sound
                also a nice saturation


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                  Give me a Kaoss Pad 3 emulator lol


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                    If CPU/RAM resources were to be an issue, I'd be happy to at least have some destructive FX on the sample editor (à la Polyend Tracker), in place of live FX.