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Ability to record non 4/4 time signatures

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  • Ability to record non 4/4 time signatures

    I would like to add a simple and clear feature request to be able to record audio in non 4/4 time signatures.

    It's already possible to make your sequences any time signature you want, but recording them into a pad or a loop is almost impossible.

    Please vote for this request if you would like to have it added to the Blackbox recording screen.


    To be clear and simple, I am talking about the the ability to record "clips" or "samples" in the main "audio recording" (for the pads) interface.
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    A link to the threads with a similar request:

    In your request, it’s not quite clear what kind of recording is meant. Looks like it is about clip recording?


    • Kebap Benzin
      Kebap Benzin commented
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      None of the requests you posted have to do with recording clips (one is about the sequencer and the other about song mode) so I wanted to post this clear request here.

    • Georges
      Georges commented
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      Agreed, though I don’t think you need non-4/4 time specifically for clips but more generally for the BB: only being able to record 7/8 clips if you can’t use them in a song section seems like a half-baked solution. It would be great to have the non-4/4 time for both clip recording and song sections. The sequencer already allows for odd time.

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    Having the ability to record non-4/4 would be incredibly powerful for various things. For example:
    • Music that is not in 4/4 (obviously)
    • Polyrhytms
    • Generative soundscapes (never repating)
    • Arpeggios (only half of them are even numbers)
    • It would be super powerful for the "resample" feature to be able to resample from parts that are not exclusively 4/4
    There are possibly many interface solutions to deal with this, but for example one that I think could be useful and powerful could be if the recording sample "Length:" could be set to:
    • Sequence 1
    • Sequence 2
    • Sequence 3
    • etc
    (this could for example be if you would scroll the rotary knob to the left of "custom", which is the default)
    Another strength of this approach would be that it would make it simple to record exactly the length of a certain sequence (regardless of time signature)


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      Yes. As Georges mentions here above, having it be available in the song section too would make sense too (and no doubt be useful).

      Sidenote: The Song section interface could (in the same way as the "clip" suggestion above) have an option to base each section on "sequence length multiples" in addition to the already available "bars".

      That way that section could just repeat a certain sequence length X number of times before moving on to the next section.

      If the whole thing is based on sequence length, there is no need to have the options of different time signatures (7/8, 5/4, 3/4, etc.)

      In addition:
      If choosing the sequences as a time base one could also travel between time signatures where "section 1" is a multiple of a 3/4 sequence length and "section 2" is based on another sequence that is in 5/4.

      But not to get sidetracked, this specific feature request is for the clips to be able to record non 4/4.


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        +1 time signature for song section ! Please !!!!!


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          Yes, this is so critical – the metronome is 4/4 all the time, driving me crazy!

          about 40% of my music is odd time – 6/8, 3/4, 5/4, 5/8, 7/8 etc.

          I tried to hack it and make the tempo really low and then subdivide, but the tempo only goes down to 40...

          I have to switch out to my RC-505 mostly now since it can do any time signature.


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            I realize this is a new thread of many, but seriously. +1 for recording in non 4/4


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              +1 on non 4/4 time signatures for recording clips


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                + 1 for above requests


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                  +1 on non 4/4 time signatures for recording clips