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Ability to record non 4/4 time signatures

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    Steve Could you give me a quick breakdown on the math of how Step Len, Step Count, and Quant Size affects the meter?

    I’ve only spent a short time messing around with that and know I could go through all options to learn how it all relates.

    But if there’s an easy way to explain it I’d appreciate it.

    Also with this being a possibility on sequence, would it be possible to make the metronome have a selectable meter to help people record in a few weird meters.


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      +1 to the topic overall.

      To be more precise, the hard limitations I bumped into so far (disclaimer: still on 1.6.5 firmware,but I don't think any of that was changed in 1.7.x):
      - Sample (clip) recording: increments in bars 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128; so, with the bar default 4/4 length, no maths (which i'm used to doing) can alleviate that; I think the simpliest way to solve it is to increment 1-2-3-4-5-etc bars
      - Metronome which is stuck in 4/4 is indeed distracting if you're trying to play in odd meters

      The ways it can be handled in Seq / Songs (some maths again) is bearable, but still a proper odd meter support would be most welcome.


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        It is all musical math, really! The key is the relationship between the Step Len and Step Count parameters. Some combinations are listed below and you can see the pattern pretty easily. The trick is Quant Size. Since the clock and metronome are locked in 4/4, you cannot use 1, 2, 4, or 8 bar settings - because those live only in 4/4. So in 7/8 time signature, you set the Quant Size to 1/8. This will ensure the sequence will start/stop on a 1/8th subdivision. The tricky part now is triggering them in time. If you have a 1/8 Quant Size it means your window for triggering is now 1/8th. Still, it is doable. You mostly want the Quant Size to match the bottom number of the time signature though you can go smaller. Just not larger.

        Sequencing polyrhythms and odd time signatures can be fun. Add to this the new probability and off-grid modes and you can make some intricate patterns. Clips are still tied to the underlying clocking.

        Time Signature Step Len Step Count
        5/4 1/4 5
        1/8 10
        1/16 20
        1/32 40
        1/64 80
        4/4 1/4 4
        1/8 8
        1/16 16
        1/32 32
        1/64 64
        3/4 1/4 3
        1/8 6
        1/16 12
        1/32 24
        1/64 48
        7/8 1/8 7
        1/16 14
        1/32 28
        1/64 56
        5/8 1/8 5
        1/16 10
        1/32 20
        1/64 40
        6/8 1/8 6
        1/16 12
        1/32 24
        1/64 48


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          +1 for this. Just started working with clips and would love some non 4/4 signatures.


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            Alright... paint me confused. I'm coming back into electronic music after a 16 year break and reading through the whole thing I'm super puzzled at the request. I also just unboxed my blackbox so I'm also a total n00b here.

            If the sequencer can already be set to 6/8 for example, it sounds like you just record to the pad and then trigger on the 1.


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              Could you guys maybe do the musical math programming so that we can have a metronome sound in time with the various time signatures that’s the money right there! That would be awesome


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                Originally posted by Villainmedia View Post
                Could you guys maybe do the musical math programming so that we can have a metronome sound in time with the various time signatures that’s the money right there! That would be awesome
                Agreed. being able to kludge the settings to make non-4/4 signatures work is workable, but if I want to use the metronome, it doesn't give any useful feedback currently. I can't imagine that making the metronome be assigned to even a handful more signatures would be confusing on the UI side. I also understand that anything that deviates from 4/4 opens up a serious rabbit hole, where everyone will be screaming "BUT WHAT ABOUT ME? I WORK IN 127/82 EXCLUSIVELY, WHY AM I EXCLUDED?" but I feel like including the "standard" alternate options you see in other similar hardware (or even DAWs for that matter) would please the masses and irk only a handful.


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                  I've posted on this topic elsewhere but given that it wasn't included in the (otherwise amazing) 1.9 firmware, it can't hurt to bump it.

                  So another +1 for recording odd length audio that can autoplay after recording.

                  It's a faff, but the maths earlier in this thread is fine for sequences. I guess audio is tied to powers of 2 because the programming is more complex to keep track of many different, odd audio lengths?