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Display Sequence Lengths in Bars+Steps

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  • Display Sequence Lengths in Bars+Steps

    There is nothing more frustrating than a computer UI that forces you to do math in your head, and that's exactly what you need to do when trying to adjust the sequence length. Right now, first you adjust the length of a step, say 1/8th and then you want 4 bars of that, so let me see a bar of 1/8th is 8 steps, so 4 bars is 4 times 8 is what 32? Ok, now I need 8 bars of 16th notes, so that should be 8x16 so... 128 steps. What about 3 bars of 1/8 triplets?

    Without changing anything else, you could just display the value in Bars + Steps, which would remove the need to do the math in your head:

    Step Len: 1/16th
    Sequence Len: 2 bars 3 steps

    ..., 14 steps, 15 steps, 1 bar, 1 bar + 1 step, ... , 2 bars, ...

    Of course it would be nice if getting my 8 bars worth of 16th notes didn't require cranking that encoder with enough turns to get to 128 steps, but even without solving that issue, the simple fact of not having to stop and do math in my head while I'm trying to be creative, would be a huge plus

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    your request is great, though you would have to provide bar length as well - or, if any day we had a time signature setting somewhere, to take into account the said setting


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      I too struggle with this.

      Can anyone explain in simple terms how to get my head round wanting to record 2 or 4 (or longer) bar loops at the highest resolution (in terms of as to get as close as possible to 'not quantised')....

      i feel like the doing the math is a creative/workflow buzzkill....

      perhaps if someone can just help me think in the way blackbox works.
      I guess its easier to update my firmware that the machines!

      Defo putting my 10c in for the need for a 'turn off quantise' option,
      and (/or) a setting in which you can change the 'metrics' of the sequencer. (like changing miles to km depending on where you live....)