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What is your guess for the next Blackbox firmware ?

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    actually, I want a songwriting mode where i just push a button and bb outputs the complete song with separate stems, obviously each time a multi million euro hit :-)


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      HitBox ! That’s how they would call it

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    overhauled UI
    better utilization of encoders
    add overdub to the looper
    LFO’s and midi mappable everything (please!!!)


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      I think the workflow is just about as good as you could hope for, though I'd really like to see a mixer w/ levels.

      Unless I'm missing something, the is no way to see if any sample is crossing into the red zone, during playback.


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        Wow I realize this thread has been quite inspiring for many.

        i don’t know about you but I’m getting really eager to see what’s actually going to come out from next firmware.

        When looking at the other 1010music devices firmware releases history, we could imagine we are in the verge of a v2.0 release as previous boxes typically went v2 after release 1.5 or v3 after 2.4. Guess what ? It means my expectations have risen to 3 or 4 major features

        Also considering the release of the Bluebox and the fact that it happens that features from newer boxes are implemented on previous products, I would tend to bet on these features for the next release :

        - new mixer view with some EQ and I would expect per pad assignable compressor which would allow side-chaining when used along with Bluebox

        - stem export to wav + project format compatible with the Bluebox (for full mix down on Bluebox rather than daw ?

        - new song mode allowing at the occasion the implementation of the stem export UI

        - Automation and/or LFOs

        And I really hope for some FX from the fx box, unless it’s decided for that these would rather be implemented on the Bluebox as per more appropriate hardware resources headroom.

        I also bet on these as most likely be it directly with v2 or 2.x family releases because most of these are « ecosystem type » paradigm. They tend to have you wanting the Bluebox as well


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          5) would be cool

          9) UI is great, but some transpose option would be nice in the seqs, velocity editing

          0) performance tweaks to run out of computing power less frequently.

          Thank for all the work on the Blackbox!



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            5. Automation and/or LFO modulation
            A MIDI CC recorder would be simpler and more efficient to implement, and would leave more resources for other computational tasks, for the next and future firmware releases. Thus, I'd rather not see anything more complicated than that, but record and replay of the MIDI CC's would be definitely a welcome feature. It's a kind of model of automation that fits to the philosophy of this device, similarly as there is a USB host implementation in the hardware/firmware, instead of having physical pads.

            Also, I'd be conservative with the effects. Personally, I just use a phone with an external audio interface as a multi-effect and resample. I use the devices reverb and delay only to define space in the mix.

            If I hit to the roof with this, then it's a sign for me to move to add production dust in a DAW, as Blackbox isn't one and hopefully never will be.