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  • Maximum attack time increase

    Hi there!
    Very much enjoying learning the ins and outs of my new BB, which I am using for composing/performing, using longer samples.

    I wondered if you might consider increasing the maximum ADSR Attack time from the existing 9 seconds, to match the Release time of 38 seconds?
    - I find the long fade-out particularly useful in the making of layered ambient/drone and sound art pieces and would love the ability to toggle on and have long samples very gradually fade-in.
    At the moment I toggle off to fade out automatically but fade in manually using a mapped midi controller (which isn't ideal)

    As a non-programmer, I have no idea of how demanding this would be CPU wise though!

    +1's for existing feature requests:

    Parametric EQ insert
    Multi-Sample looping

    Cheers for rural SW Scotland!