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Option to swap Send FX with Selected Output

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  • Option to swap Send FX with Selected Output

    Wow! This one just popped in my head and I can't believe it hadn't before. Apologies if someone has already suggested this here.

    Idea — A simple option box within the setup page for FX1/FX2 that would allow selection between the built in FX or an audio output. We could then hook up the Blackbox to external FX with more dynamic control than just routing a pad 100% to an output.

    Thoughts and questions welcome!

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    if i understand well (i may not) : i was thinking (too) about a mode where we could using fx as an auxiliairy send...


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      +1 for an additional FX called "Ext" which could be routed to one of the outputs ( user selectable to 1, 2 or 3) knowing that it's up to the use to make sure they're not already routing pads directly to that output ( or not ) and that the internal FX returns are hardwired to Out1 ( which would be nice to have the option )


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        +1 That’s a very good idea, and should allow another FX slot that would not consume internal CPU (at least not too much, just for audio routing).

        They could even preserve the two internal FX slots in addition to an extra EXT slot.


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          I would prefer to just be able to make a mix per output, although I'm not sure how that could be implemented intuitively on the BB.


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            Sends to outputs is an excellent idea.
            one of the things I like about the Octatrack that I miss


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              I like this idea a lot.

              On the note of outputs and FX, I'll add to this, the ability to route the onboard FX to the individual outputs would be ace for multi-track recording and/or processing.