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  • nuemerik
    I think we wrote this request at exactly the same time!

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  • shankiphonic
    started a topic Slicer Split Adjust

    Slicer Split Adjust

    This came to mind in another thread

    There's an opportunity to add some functionality in Slicer -
    Right now the only way to manage the position of splits is to position the waveform on the screen and then add a split, or tap join to remove the nearest split.
    Not a bad thing. Just how it works.

    Perhaps split adjust could be implemented...

    Consider the following:
    • In SEQS, when inspecting the piano roll, one knob highlights a trigger, and other knobs resize that trigger or move it around...
    Keep that in the back of your mind... now...
    • In slicer, the top left knob selects a slice (between two splits). The other knobs have no function on this screen.
    • What if:
      • Two of the other knobs could be used for fine adjust of a split, in addition to the join and split features. For example:
        • The bottom left knob would select a split (probably change it's color from pink to ??? when selected), and then
        • The bottom right knob to moves the selected split back and forth on the timeline....