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Sequence Length Buttons. & FX toggle buttons

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  • Sequence Length Buttons. & FX toggle buttons

    While in the specific Sequence edit page, directly bellow all the sequence options for Length, step Length etc there is room to put a row of buttons on screen. It would be masterful if there were the option to quickly select 16, 32, 64, 128 step lengths perhaps even a 48. Please and thank you.

    While in FX perimeter Master adjustment page at the top of the screen a button in the respective corners to toggle between RVB & DLY. Would be lovely.

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    Yes, but can we please unify ( even if some are just for display ) our time units? constantly doing math in my head between steps, beats, bars, and various note length notations is one thing I didn't really expect to be constantly doing while using the Blackbox ( I'll stop using BB for blackbox, since there is now a BB bluebox


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      +1 to all of this. I really wish adjusting sequence times was much quicker. I know how to do basic math, but doing it quickly while writing music is just tough for me.