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Allow samples to start "before zero"

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  • Allow samples to start "before zero"

    If I could move the start point of a sample prior to the start of the waveform, it would let me have notes which are quantized in the sequencer, but play a little 'late'. To achieve a loose timing effect.
    Another way of putting it is to allow inserting some silence at the start of the sample. But the easiest way from the user point of view, would be to just turn the wheel and move the start point "earlier than zero".

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    I could not agree more. I do this all the time with loops in the DAW to create groove and feel. We can obviously do this in the opposite direction but this would be a huge welcome along side the popular request to “turn off” quantize.


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      hell yes.
      this would compliment the potential option of 'turn off quantise'.

      I get the Semantic thing mentioned in a few other places, aye, that....its all quantised to some degree, and that its really, semantically speaking, a request for higher resolution....but in an Operational way it would be a game changer to be able to perform an operation that functionally leaves the recording of notes sounding exactly as you played them....with all the wonk and feel that the digital environment can capture.
      you good folks at 1010 are on to something special. keep going.....furthurrrrrrrrrr


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        Definitely would help in occasions where we need to time the sample on counter beat. And indeed could be a workaround for lack of unquantized recording.