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CV/gate sequencing from individual outputs

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  • CV/gate sequencing from individual outputs

    I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I didn’t see any recent threads on it.

    Blackbox is perfectly capable of sampling pitch and gate signals, and playing them back accurately to control eurorack modules. I tested this using a 3.5mm Y cable from a Keystep into the stereo input of BB, providing pitch one on channel and gate/trig on the other. After sampling several pitches and assigning them to pads, sequencing my modular with Blackbox was a breeze.

    Now, I could go back and very arduously chromatically sample my Keystep to create presets for this purpose, buuuut I think it would be awesome if Blackbox simply generated CV/gate sequencing from individual outputs. It’s perfectly capable of this, and could be offered as an alternative to external MIDI sequencing in the options for a PAD.

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    BTW, these cables are great for splitting your stereo outputs


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      Yes. This.


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        Yes, that would be great. Especially since it does this already when multi-sampling. It just needs this one step further....


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          +1 and a few extra words to make up a 10 character limit