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Decide OUT1,2,3 to be sended to phones or not (for modular use)

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  • Decide OUT1,2,3 to be sended to phones or not (for modular use)

    As I said here :

    It's not possible to use OUT1,2,3 outputs without also sending it in headphones output. That means that if I want use sample from blackbox + recorded modular parameters in OUT1,2,3 I can't because the modular parameter recorded and routed to OUT1, OUT2 or OUT3, which is sended for example to 0 coast input modular, make unwanted sounds or noize in headphones output when it's played. I don't want to hear these noises because it's just parameters for the sound.

    So for resume this, using modular + sample with blackbox = only OUT1,OUT2,OUT3 usable. Phones output can't be used. So I have to sacrifice one output (1,2 or 3) for replace the phones output.

    So my request is to have the possibilities of assign OUT1,OUT2,OUT3 to phones or not. (Maybe one more case after the OUT1,OUT2,OUT3...OUT3R which could be : PHON (default highlighted which mean it is sended to phones, but if we click on it it become not highlighted and then it's not sended to phones).
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    Agree, the headphones output (or outputs 7+8 for bitbox) becomes useless when using CV samples, no one likes to hear a mix of audible samples and CV signals. It would be great if this feature is added.


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      Agreed. Ideally there would be a extended config section for outputs that would contain:
      • Output Volume for each Out, not just the Phones ( with ability to toggle between stereo pairs, and independent mono gain )
      • Routing Option for the Compressor, FX returns ( currently hardwired to Out1 )
      • Monitor options for the Phones Output ( at least on/off, but a DJ style cue options would be awesome )
      • Routing options for the Multi-Sample Recording CV/Gate output ( currently hardwired to Out1 )
      Bonus if we also get LED output feedback so we can see where the signals are going ( like when you wire the Out1 but send data to Out2 ) and check for clipping.


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        +1 on this one


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          I would absolutely love to see some routing options, especially if it could allow us to use external effects.


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            Makes total sense. But I wonder if the routing is hardwired or not.