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program change and new section mode

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  • byrdinbbylon
    I agree that it would be nice to just select the sequence(s) per song section rather than live recording the play of the sequence. The live could remain an option for those that like that.

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  • Elmonstro
    started a topic program change and new section mode

    program change and new section mode

    Hello Aaron

    Only 2 features.
    I'm using the blackbox to sequence external synths and I'm getting frustrated. Sorry for my English, I like this machine but I have to say it right.

    The first: the absence of program change transmission.
    I don't understand why the blackbox can't change the synth presets it controls for each sequence. It is essential to change the pattern of an mc101 or the sounds of a micromonsta for example.

    Second, the construction of sections.
    When will we finally be able to create the sections without having to press the REC key?
    If I want section 1 with sequence 1, the easiest way is to choose section 1 and then sequence 1 and BASTA! Why force us to make a recording in real time ??? It is not intuitive and we waste time, we lose our ideas.

    Please don't tell me the blackbox is only a notepad when your site says, "Blackbox, a compact sampling studio with intuitive touchscreen control. It's a complete music creation workflow" ...

    I've been waiting for these features for months and can't see anything coming. I love this machine but please do something, I don't think it's impossible for the blackbox.

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