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Requests for better export / recording / and velocity!

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  • Requests for better export / recording / and velocity!

    The BlackBox is an incredible instrument! Thank you for inventing / building it!! For me, this is the ideal form factor, size, and nearly all the features for making it the perfect machine to sketch ideas out on. I haven't used this for live performance yet, as it's too easy to fiddle around and come up with great starting material.

    The primary wish list is for getting sketches out of the blackbox into a DAW (I use Ableton).

    1. Make it easier to get sequences into Ableton!
    - Render patterns onto the SD Card
    - Render them by Pad
    - Render them by individual notes within the sequence (I use Slicer a lot, so isolated slices would be useful)
    - export to .als format (yeah super wish list, probably not that easy)

    2. Make it easier to record out -- if we can't do any of #1 above, and what I do now, is record into ableton
    - pad mutes and solo
    - explode sequences into other ones by pad or by individual note

    3. Other requests
    - More sequence slots
    - Scene Launch (launch by row or column)
    - velocity control per note when editing sequence, I think you can do this if you're playing a controller. If you're not using a controller, then it would be great to be able to raise and lower individual note velocity!

    Thank you!

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    +1, Ableton Live project file format export would be great.
    Or a bounce feature to be able to export every sequence as audio (baking in the FX etc.)