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Blackbox : the ultimate feature requests remaining

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  • Blackbox : the ultimate feature requests remaining

    I’m user of the Blackbox since it’s release. It’s been a very inspiring product and one of the aspects I most love about it is its “instant gratification” production workflow. How many grooveboxes have tons of features but have a head-ache of a workflow ! That’s an industry drama.

    I’ve grown using it and I’ve learned working inside or around its limits, keeping in mind it will never be a full fledged DAW.

    So now, what is that I still believe makes sense if a V2 firmware was to be released someday ?

    - A bit of modulation ! : be it LFOs or automation (or both), they would definitely allow us to get movement in our sounds. So far the trick I found to emulate this through resampling (as shared in a couple of posts), does kill a big part of this immediacy that the product is loved for.

    - FX & MIX : even if we shouldn’t expect all FXbox or Bluebox feature-set inside the Blackbox, a minimum of per pad EQing, compressing/limiting, ability to tweak filter resonance and a couple of more FX (bit-crusher+stutter?) would bring the features the dedicated FX and MIX screens and associated workflow phases deserve.

    If CPU is a problem for FX, probably destructive FX inside the sample editor (like what we can see on the Polyend Tracker), would be not only acceptable but actually fun and fitting well with a “sampler” type workflow and spirit.

    Side-chaining would also be a great addition if a limiter or compressor was available for a given pad. Even if that was limited to only one source or one affected pad (because of CPU limitations).

    - SONG (workflow) : the SONG section needs some ability to arrange the track in a programmatic way alternatively to the current live-oriented song recorder workflow which should be kept available. Ability to select the pad sequences, the number of iterations they loop in a section, as well as the follow-up action of the section, would perfectly do the job.

    - SONG (stem export) : last but certainly not least, the SONG screen should let us export the audio (and why not MIDI) stems. I know the Bluebox brings the audio stems feature already, but still even if you own a Bluebox, the Blackbox needs to have this immediacy of getting something done and exporting either to hand to the ones you created the track/beat for, to the friends you made the track together with during a session, or simply for yourself, to actually go polish and master in the DAW or on your iPad. It’s again all about the “standalone and immediate” aspect of the product.

    - SEQ (bonus ) : the programmatic approach described in the SONG workflow, could also be broadened to the SEQ/note editor, giving it an optional "tracker type" note and event editing screen ! \o/ \O/ \o/ That’s an « extra » idea I believe would be killer and would open the product to another « growing niche » market or extend its lifecycle and could also solve some questions on how to implement modulation and randomness on the UI. You can be sure that I’ll develop it fully in a specific thread.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally know what product I purchased, I love it since day one and I appreciate all the development efforts already made on the products, many of which were among my requests. It just believe these features would unlock the Blackbox' full potential while keeping the initial « simple and instant » spirit.
    Last edited by jayneural; 07-14-2021, 07:32 AM. Reason: added side-chaining in the FX-MIX topic, minor checks

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    + 1 on all of this and plus adding the "recording automation in a sequence" feature as it was requested a lot too.


    • jayneural
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      yep, I think it's probably the best way to bring modulation as requested in my post.

    • denizgarout
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      Ah whoops didnt get that. then you've covered the big ones for me

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    I got one of the first few production units they sold and I'm still in love with this thing! 1010 have been wonderful with updates so these sound good to me. But one thing I have to add is Midi control over recording!! I knew buying it that it wasn't implemented (and we all know, don't buy a piece of gear for what it might do). But this would be an amazing and seemingly simple feature to add.

    I say seemingly but please Aaron holler if I'm making a wild assumption (that is, there are so many other well implemented midi features on the BB wouldn't this fit right in)?

    Be well 1010 crew and a huge thank you for all your creativity and positivity!!


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      Fully agree with jayneural. this is a good summary of where we would like this box of wonders to go. allow me to add:

      - if possible, increase the maximum number of samples loaded per pad/project
      - ability to load a custom selection of samples within a folder, instead of simply "load all"
      - MPE?
      - full midi control of per track recoding and playback, so it can be used as a live looper via, for example, foot controllers
      - automation of recording and playback, so it can be used as a pre-programmed looper

      Happy holidays to all you 1010ers. and congratulations on a year of great product releases and update. the community can tell how special your company is!


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        Btw, I specifically developed the Trackbox/Trackerbox idea in this thread :

        With special xmas/new year day challenge for Aaron


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          Since 1.7.3 just came out and it has MIDI Import.... I really hope that can lead to a future release including MIDI export like jayneural mentioned in his post


          • jayneural
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            I thought the same thing, maybe some hope for at least individual clip SEQ or SONG export soon

            Even individual SEQ export would be nice as it would allow us to save/transfer snippets of sequences to other projects, or create/maintain our database of MIDI clips as I already tend to do on Ableton (yes I know the BB is not Ableton... but...)

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          I've edited my original post to add the idea of side-chaining among the "FX & MIX" suggested improvements.


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            i think xtra sample slots would be stretching th cpu a lot / too much ?!

            ++1 alter resonace or filter character
            What a bout an actual master filter + LFo in stead of the reverb and delay fx

            really missing in current functionality :
            * midi led feedback for clips and sequences !!
            * Custom colour of sequences

            * 32 sequences in stead of 16 (thru a sub page)