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Playing pads straight to audio with better resampling feature

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  • Playing pads straight to audio with better resampling feature


    I want to record a 1 bar loop performed live on the blackbox touchscreen using the resample function.

    Why I want to do this:
    While the resampling works great using a sequence (and now with the unquantized sequencing you can do anything) there are some situations where I'd love to record straight to audio.
    Sometimes I want to save CPU power and just have the beat bounced right away. Also sometimes I want to use effects on my performance like filter or pitch shift.
    It would save a lot of time if I could just play the pads and get an audio file from it.

    This is my workflow problem:
    I select an empty pad and set it to resample then i simultaneously hit record and play to start the count in. Now I switch to the PADS view to perform a beat using a pad with a bass drum and a pad with a snare. But the moment I switch to the PADS view it doesn't seem to resample anymore. After the count in ends I perform on the touch screen but nothing gets recorded.
    I would just expect it to record my performance.

    The workarounds:
    1. I have to stay in the recording view until the count in is done and the count on the top left turns red (indicating recording). When i switch to PADS view now it actually does record my performance but of course afterwards I have a bit of silence in the beginning of my sample which i would have to cut away super precisely for it to be a 1 bar loop.

    2. When I use a midi controller to play the pads I can stay in the recording view and it has no problems...

    This means I would have to have a midi controller with me at all times. It would be better if it just records a resample even when I switch to PADS view before the count in is done.

    The Solution:
    I want to just hit record on an empty pad which is in resample mode and then go back to the PADS view or the KEYS view and be able to record a performance straight to audio.

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    Yeah! I would like to do the same because in my workflow sometimes I have also to resample not from sequences but from clips, and I have to trigger this clips with a sequence, I would like to just arm them and go to resampling... Not possible.

    Another annoying thing is the impossibility of hearing the metronome when I am resampling and performing live effects like filter or pitch bend... So how can I be in time?