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route fx of pads to the same output as the pad

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  • route fx of pads to the same output as the pad

    Hey there Aaron and team,

    I would love to see the possibility to route the fx of a pad to the same output channel as the respective pad. I really don't see any benefit of routing all fx to output 1? this practically makes fx impossible to use on other pads in a live situation than pads routed to output 1.. if I want to cue output 2 I need to mute output 1 as well... If this is not possible for some technical reason I understand but other than that it looks like a must really..

    thank you for your great work! I was amazed to see midi import has finally arrived, cannot wait to give it a go

    cheers and much success

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    I have experienced frustration with this, I can see that if one was doing resampling then effects going to Out1 might serve a purpose but, I am trying to use the separate channels for different instruments Drums, Bass and some backgrounds and/or harmonies . delay and reverb taking one channel is rather a sad waste.

    I would also like to ask can the headphone socket be given an option to become Out4. - I'll look for this in the wish list.


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      I think the problem would be that you'd have to run 3 instances (one for each output) of the delay and reverb, which would increase the CPU load quite a bit.


      • BBisfun
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        Seems that this would be controlled in software and could easily tell which port to use the FX on.

      • Painting Silence
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        its about having seperate fx routed to each port not to reroute the whole of the fx. i do believe as well that this takes individual instances hence 3 times the cpu load

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      I think CPU constraints might be an issue but really I wish to have the option at least.. maybe with some high quality low quality version of the FX. But I have never received an answer from 1010 regarding this issue unfortunately so one can only presume..


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        1 need this so bad. Live I’m trying to give the sound engineer my drums and my keys separately. But there is for example reverb on the snare and reverb on the keys. Right now if I put the drums and the keys to different outputs they are both dry. Sadly that sounds so different that I can’t use it


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          i feel you man. do you know of any multi channel fx units? like a dsp style unit but more geared towards artistic fx? most guitar units are mono in and stereo out... some are stereo in and out, but even then the channels get mixed ofc. so buying 2 more delay and reverb units giving you 3 delay / reverb chains is the only way i can think of since 1010 refuses to inform if its a processing power limitation or a design choice?