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Please add more than just 16 sequences

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  • Please add more than just 16 sequences

    I have made a different post where I was complaining about the limitation of the blackbox to not be able to support more than 16 sequences; so I am officially making a wishlist entry.

    Feel free to vote on this, or let me know if there is already a post with a lot of likes and replies on it; so I can piggyback

    The concept is simple: blackbox is a great sequencer alternative to other devices like the MPC and similar, which are also studio in a box/portable grooveboxes. Although most sequencers have limitations on steps or patterns or channels, and of course BB has that too, which is the number of sequences you have.

    Usage scenario is pretty straightforward: I have 16 channels which is more than enough for a project; I can set few external synths with BB, so if I want to make 3-4 patterns for those devices, I have already used a third of the total pattern space. Having the ability to make more patterns; maybe making patterns picking which channel I want in that pattern and which I want to mute could be also a working solution in some ways, would allow users to create more complex compositions.

    As comparison, I can get a Pyramid or a MPC one and fundamentally have a large amount of patterns recorded to my heart content; at the cost of having huge devices that either have no sampling capabilities (pyramid) or have too many features that one may not seek while using the device as sequencer mainly (the MPC one/Live). I could have put the Squid in the mix, but that device has limitations on patterns and sequences too, on top of channel numbers. Having more patterns save me the hassle to have to deal with one more device in my studio.

    I really hope you guys will eventually add more patterns; and as cherry on top, the ability to export sequences also as midi; because the Blackbox did replace fundamentally my hardware sequencer; but up to a point, because I am hitting constantly the 16 sequences limit, while using external synths. Thanks for all the great updates you did, and hopefully I can abandon my sequencers altogether if you implement more sequences on the BB. Cheers

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    I find it a bit limiting to only have 16 sequences. If want more variation I quickly run out of sequences. Scrolling up and down could be a fine way to navigate between pages of sequences. Even as little as 32 or 64 would be a huge improvement.

    For example:
    Let's say I have 4 samples. Well if I want 4 different sequences of each to come in at different times and still want to mix and match them with eachother, then I have already used up my 16 patterns and cannot make any other sequences for other samples.
    ​​​I could put other sample sequences nested in some of the original sequences, but what if I want variation there too?

    While I'm asking, I suppose more song sections could be useful too, but since those can be so long and bring different sequences in and out it is less of an issue.


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      + 1 , very useful, thanks


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        Isn't this were resampling comes in? If you have 16 samples you can resample them down to 1, 2, 3, etc, variations of the initial 16. I'm finding that BB glitches hard after I have 6 samples playing at one time. Can't imagine that adding to the already 16 available slots is going to help with the limited resources the B-box already has.


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          Originally posted by KnobTwister View Post
          Isn't this were resampling comes in? If you have 16 samples you can resample them down to 1, 2, 3, etc, variations of the initial 16. I'm finding that BB glitches hard after I have 6 samples playing at one time. Can't imagine that adding to the already 16 available slots is going to help with the limited resources the B-box already has.
          Tylercorbley is requesting a greater number of sequences and song sections. Not the number of pads.

          I can see where more than 16 sequences could be helpful.


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            Another plus one to this! This would be amazing to have as well as my tracks are very diverse as well and I need more variation, I think 32 sequences would be good , or tops 64. I pray this becomes a reality. Blackbox is becoming a Logic Pro X killer one update and feature request implementation at a time.

            If we could get this feature request of more sequences, the ability to turn off quantizing, and mute individual notes/slices in sequencer, I'd sincerely only use the Blackbox. It'd be a complete DAW killer then, rather intentional or not.


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              So much yes! +1


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                While waiting for an update of pads / seqs / sections, you can already resample seqs and songs. Here is what I do to stay organised:

                * once you notice that a preset is becoming too complex, just add a “main” suffix to the preset name;

                * then create or copy that preset as a new one (naming it eg pt1), reference (ideally not copy) the wavs from the main preset, record and mix the relevant seqs and song sections in the new specialised preset and finally resample them as bounces or stems in there;

                * then import those bounces or stems as clips into the “main” preset, and rearrange them with seqs and song section as desired;

                * if some parts require reworking, go back to the specialised preset and repeat the steps;

                * you can always pack and clean at the end.

                This workflow is clearly a workaround and requires some organisational discipline. Nevertheless, it all works without a computer.

                The only notable inconvenience that i’ve found so far in that workflow stems from the mix settings in the specialised presets, as they do not take into account the overall mix, so that sometimes you need to write down some settings on a piece of paper to coordinate.


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                  I really need this!

                  I can’t see how it would put anymore strain on the device and it give you more scope to do things like drum edits with say one chopped break on a pad. You could even go on a break chopping session with loads of breaks, resample the chopping session into one long sample, bring into a new session as a slice preset and trigger different breaks on different keys on different sequences.

                  I could use up 5-6 sequences alone just triggering the different breaks and doing fills and edits. The strain on the system is no different than the original pad being triggered on multiple keys in one sequence just on different sequences ( as long as you don’t trigger the same original chopped sample simultaneously on two different sequences?


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                    +1; more pads is almost essential; and adding pages is a quick way to solve the issue (assuming memory is large enough to do so, or there is a way to write on SD card sequence pages altogether, so you can have unlimited sequences).

                    Also would be useful to not have a sequence with all 16 channels/pad in it; sometimes you want just a variation on a specific channel/pad, so you end up copying a whole sequence to change just one pad/channel; which is a waste. Having separate lanes for sequences, where you can select which pads/channel you want to have in it, would be really nice (and the ability to mute/unmute channels via automation, and midi export would be a great companion to make an even better sequencer experience).


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                      the workarounds here are seemingly focused on providing a way of increasing the sequencer horsepower during the building of a planned arrangement; I think where I & others would benefit is in having more sequencers available (pages of them, or by scrolling) for live improvisations. more permutations of the same stuff, in other words. I don't know what direction the song's going to go in, from one performance to the next, so.... options.
                      at the moment, I've been sequencing multiple pads in each sequence, but ideally the main sequencer page would offer a 'drill-down' where the top layer is pages of sequences mapped directly to the corresponding pads; then you'd select the pad's page of sequences & there are sixteen sequence locations underneath, all tied to that pad.
                      from this page, using the same idea of a grid in each top corner, you could quickly navigate to another pad's sequencer page (top left), or to another sequence in the same page (top right).
                      in the text at the top of the other views (where it says "seq 1" & so on now), this would change depending what pad is selected, to show you which of that pad's sequences you're hearing/about to record into.
                      the song/section editing gets complicated, though- you wouldn't be able (easily) to assemble a section simply by arming & disarming the sequences as they play, because selecting them would be a two-stage process.


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                        +1 Hell yes! Please for the love of delia Derbyshire make this possible!


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                          Wouldn't more sequences overload the processor? When loading some presets and activating all 16 sequences my bb starts to turn into clicking concerto. Just got mine a few days ago, so maybe I'm missing out on something.


                          • shankiphonic
                            shankiphonic commented
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                            I think your head is in the right place here. With the current 16 seqs, it’s a crap shoot as to how many of them will play in a given preset without strain.
                            If more sequences are added, it invites a user to activate more than 16 seqs simultaneously, which will likely strain the blackbox.
                            The argument could be made that: “since 16 is already sometimes a strain, why not add more? “
                            I’m not making that argument, just recognizing it might exist.

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                          I see a different way it could be done, than adding just another grid of 16 pads or re-arranging/resizing the grid.

                          It could be by adding a "drum kit" type of pad which would be nothing more than a page of UI that would let you select multiple samples for your drum kits. It would then work a bit like a multi-sample type of pad.

                          For each sample you would also select a "type of drum" field which will provide "Kick, snare, HH, other..." predefined labels. So then these labels will show-up on the SEQ screen when working on a drum kit type pad.

                          That would let you group all your drums into one pad and have the other 15 for other instruments, FX, vocals.

                          The MC-101 works a bit like that where "Drum tracks" can hold a full sample kit.


                          • Georges
                            Georges commented
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                            Personally, as a non-user of the specific drum sequences use case, I find the more generic solution of adding a second page with 16 seqs pads more practical - overloading the seqs hard button to toggle between both pages would be simple enough.

                            Though a way to assign optional seqs names and then to toggle between seqs names and mini steps preview would be a great addition for keeping seqs organised.

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                          If add more sequences for samples is a concern re. processing power etc. Then maybe add an additional 16 that can only be used for external midi. If you limited the first 16 to internal samples and the second to external midi only, that would also clarify the whole issue of needing an empty pad to sequence external midi thing, and free up pads.

                          I really want the BB to be the brain of my setup, and this would make that possible.



                          • byrdinbbylon
                            byrdinbbylon commented
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                            That's a pretty cool idea. I like the idea of a page of dedicated external midi sequences.