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  • Add synth tracks


    Could the functionality of the Synthbox be integrated into Blackbox?

    If a synth track could be added then this thing would be an OP-1 killer for me.

    I know you can play single wave cycles but adding a synth engine would be unbeatable!



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    +1, would be nice, though the Blackbox is supposed to be a « sample-based groovebox.

    For now we can already play with the granular mode to generate sounds.


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      Yeah granular does look useful, using multisample to bring in synths seems great too.

      Right now is Australia, this think is pretty close to MPC One money and even not far from Digitakt. Less​​​Less cash could bag a model samples and a model cycles.

      A VA synth would just take this to the next level and make me buy it rather than something else. It's probably the only thing keeping me from buying it.


      • NoParades
        NoParades commented
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        ...sounds like you should buy something else. You want BlackBox to do something it doesn't do. It's a sample-based instrument, if you want a VA, there are plenty out there.

      • jayneural
        jayneural commented
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        The Elektron Model Cycles may be a better deal for you at this point I guess.

        You can also get an OP-Z and the OP-Lab I/O add-on.

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      +1 A wavetable mode would be awesome! I already use wavetables with the blackbox, but having a dedicated mode ported from the synth box would be great