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Monthly voting system for wishlist requests

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  • Monthly voting system for wishlist requests

    I've been scouring through this wishlist to see which requests I agree with. There's so much here, I wonder if the guys at 1010music are able to get through them.

    #1 wishlist item for me would be a periodic (possibly monthly or quarterly) vote for the most popular requests.

    I've seen similar forum voting threads on other online forums where all users can either vote for something already in the list or add their own.

    At the end of each period, the 1010music team can go through the highest voted feature requests and either commit to implementing or provide a reason why it's not feasible.

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    I like...!

    My votes:
    - internal LFO as a modulation source for CCs.
    - fix slice looping

    I really appreciate what 1010 did with the updates so far, but none of my priorities were realised yet.


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      This topic has come up before. Let me direct you to a previous discussion:

      I hope this helps.


      • Michal Ho
        Michal Ho commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks Aaron, it's good to know you're listening! I'm just not using unquantized recording (at all) and auto-sampling (rarely), although I don't deny they are useful features and some users requested them very vocally.