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  • Sequence Eraser

    A sequence view 'Eraser' mode for my chubby fingers, so I don't need to zoom in as much and add keys instead of delete

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    Good idea! It is surprisingly hard to delete notes without accidentally adding new ones. I guess it could be similar to “event”mode in 1.7.4


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      a little technique I've picked up in note mode.

      sometimes when I want to add a note, I just tap on a square way outside of the sequence, and then "coordinate" it using the knobs. This can be really fast if you're familiar with how the knobs move the events around. this way I don't have to worry about fat-fingering any element of the existing sequence I like.

      you've got me thinking I could do the opposite - use the encoders to move the notes I want to delete out of the way, then delete them far from the "good" notes.

      At the same time, as of 1.7.4, we're still dealing with that piano roll jump-to-start that occurs if you delete the selected event. this is the devil. top of my wish list.


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        the snapping in the piano roll has been reported.

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      I also think this would be a huge improvement. It is a bit mind numbing to erase notes only to create more notes around the one you erased.

      Feel like it would be pretty straightforward to implement a 2-finger selection technique. Press one finger on left side of notes to erase (for example tap and hold on relevant note/notes of piano roll) and 2nd tap right of notes to draw a line/rectangle along row, deleting everything in between. Same technique could also be used to fill notes if you add a button on top of sequencer screen (eraser / pencil). The screen seems to have 2 finger capability for pinching / dragging so it seems something like this could be doable?


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        The alternative editor I suggested last week here has a similar take to this with erasing notes using a button instead of your fingers.