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A way to select pad without triggering it *not using knobs*

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  • A way to select pad without triggering it *not using knobs*

    its a super minor inconvenience, but i think a combination action would work AWESOME in this case, the ability to press the 'back' button in combo with which ever pad i want to be on to edit in would be nice to have.

    as im writing this i realized in the 'info' section of each pad in the top left corner is a layout of all pads and by selecting that you can move between pads that way which is definitely convenient! But! i still stand with my wish, just putting it out there for the dev gods to consider!

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    I would love this as well! I'm constantly touching the pad on the screen to select reflexively, I have such a hard time remembering to use the encoders to select instead.

    Either a button combo, such as Back + touch select. Or, something like a toggle, where you could use an encoder (maybe top right encoder since it's current use seems redundant on the pads screen) to toggle between the standard "trigger" mode, to a "selection" only mode.


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      oouuuuu, toggle screen would be sick!!!!!!!!

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    I love the idea of a combination I f you could hit back+the pad that would be great. or info + the pad could take you straight to that pads info page?
    I also think the pad grid inside the info pad could be better and would probably get the job done. if it could at least show the pad names somehow.

    another option for me could be this:
    Inside the info view of a pad I hold down info+rotate an encoder and this way i cycle through the different pads. this way I could quickly switch between pads info views.


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      Big +1 this is so painful when performing/recording, I keep triggering pads when I mean to just select one to go into its settings!

      From UX point of view, the inconsistency is what gets me -- two other screens with a very similar layout (FX and MIX) support tapping a pad to select it! Ideally there would be a unified way across all screens to select the current pad (hold info + rotate an encoder is not a bad idea! Also make the current pad indicator show up consistently near that encoder; currently in the keyboard/scale views the current pad is indicated in the top left, but in the sequencer it's in the top right)

      If I could redesign things a bit, KEYS button would include "pads mode" next to the keyboard and scale modes, and PADS would be purely for pad configuration.

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