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  • SONG screen improvement | Timeline View


    Disclaimers: relatively new to Blackbox (approx 2 m of use); still on 1.6.5; made sure no similar topic was raised in at least 3 last forum pages; made sure the features are not available in 1.7.x firmware.

    Right, so I'd like to propose improvement to SONG section (which is a bit lackluster and less feature rich than others), pls see mockup below.I think many users can benefit from that + it has a potential to be adapted for Bluebox as well

    Description: an additional Timeline-style view for song section. Allows alternative way to edit Sections+allows to trigger clips separately from Sequences.
    - Improved workflow for those of us who are used to timelines (imo, everyone
    - Ability to correct Sections w/o having to re-record them
    - Ability to handle clips in SONG w/o the need to embed them in Sequences
    - Similar view already exists in SEQ screen, so shouldn't be too much of effort to adapt it.

    If that catches anybody's attention, vote, and happy to discuss the details. Tnx!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BB-timeline.png
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    +1 ! Yes! I was just thinking that a timeline view would be so much easier for me. I don't really like having to perform a composition first.


    • #3
      I don't actually use sequences or the song mode but I would surely use a song mode like this.


      • #4
        Looks very great! Also not using the song mode at the moment, but I would love to have a kind of `arrangement` such a this


        • #5
          Song mode is not bad, if it weren’t for that 4/4 limitation.


          • #6
            Song mode is almost useless as is to me ( I appreciate BB's character and aesthetic and all) but a timeline upgrade to song mode would be so nice. Please y'all. Let's boost this idea!


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              The ease and speed I can come up with ideas in the sequence section ( the magic that is BB) is spoilt by the song mode section. I really get so frustrated with it that I don’t enjoy my time with the black box if I use it. I chose to ignore the section as if it doesn’t exist


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                YES! You got my +1. It's the only area of blacbox I don't use, because of the unergonomic UI. Something like that would be so great!


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                  Yes yes yes +1, at the moment the Song button just takes up space, I’ve tried to use it a few times and it just doesn’t click for me at all. Your proposal would breath a lot of new life into BB for me. Thank you


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                    A visual of sequences and clips would be an amazing add. It would remove the need to embed clips into a sequence in order to include them in a song. It would also mean less time spent re-recording sections of songs and more time creating awesomeness on the BB!


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                      This is pretty good. Solves and upgrades song mode usages in a better way. To be honest i love the song mode as it is, and its a major use to finish anything with bb. This upgrade would just make that experience so much better.

                      Definitely +1


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                        +1! This would be a great addition


                        • #13
                          I've also thought from the beginning that a timeline would be a much better way to implement song mode


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                            I had suggested a alternative way of song mode arrangement with a vertical timeline view in this thread a little while ago, and had included ability to export audio/midi stems in the suggested UI specs :


                            So I also like the idea of a timeline view (though my suggestion is for a vertical a bit like trackers). The specification here is nicely done and deserves to be considered.

                            Whatever method 1010music chooses, this part of the Blackbox UI needs some revamp for sure as it lacks a bit of efficiency.


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                              Hi There,

                              actually when I take a look at the picture in #1 of this thread and look at the video in this post: Why not keeping things simple and change song mode to be rather a super sequencer for sequences. So actually the super sequencer would work for the sequences the same way, the sequences work for pads. It would pretty look like the picture in #1, except, that the numbering of sequences goes from botton to top and there is no explicit sections.

                              But it would represent the timeline from left to right and "note length" will be representative for the number of bars each of the 16 sequences will be played at a time.

                              This should be easy to implement and would be intuitive in the sense that its the same logic as for sequences...

                              Dan Day