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    I had my really serious go on the song mode the other day. I wasn't clear on the thread starters idea how this timeline is meant to be used until I checked out video's of the arranger in the Maschine Mk3/+ . Seems like the exact same concept to me and it would make a lot of sense in the bb! Especially because you can combine sequences and clips which both work great.


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      I'm very pleased with the BB. The only thing I currently dislike is the song mode. Song sections are to sequences, what sequences are to pads. The timeline for song sections would correspond to the PADS view of the sequence editor and will provide a nice and simple way to record a new section and to edit (fix or enrich) a previously recorded section. I hope this will come in a very next update.


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        +1, I'm new to the Blackbox and searched all the manual, forums and YouTube to find the option to edit the sections in song mode. I was surprised to learn there currently is no way to do that, so 1010music, please consider this in one of the updates to come...


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          +1! I also agree this would be a great addition building a song mode similar to the Maschine approach. It's the most intuitive one I know.


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            I rarely use song mode but I like this more visual approach to it. Gets my vote.
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              I like song mode and use it systematically, even if there are a few things about it that I do dislike:

              * limitation to 4/4 time - really intriguing;
              * section bar length gets reset when clearing a section, very annoying in particular when you forget about it for a little while and then realise during recording that you have to start over again;
              * recording seqs across sections does not seem to work, at least it always causes me issues.

              The lack of visuals is not a big deal for me, but rather falls into the nice to have category. If you want to launch clips, you don’t even need song mode really, seqs may already be sufficient.


              • fitzgibbon
                fitzgibbon commented
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                Agree w your point around not resetting bar length when clearing…that action should clear the seqs but not length.

                I have a workaround for recording seqs across sections…on the second section select the seqs that you want to keep playing across and hit record. When you play it from the start again those corresponding seqs will play across sections without starting again. It’s a bit clunky but it seems to do the trick.

              • Georges
                Georges commented
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                thank you for clarifying this behaviour! alas, not quite intuitive but, absent a timeline, probably the best compromise.

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              please! +1
              Or maybe give us a little software to arrange song mode. Whatever it is, just make it easier and funnier!