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Multi-note selection and edit in sequences

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  • Multi-note selection and edit in sequences

    Hold down sequence button (or some other method) to select multiple notes in sequences. Drag window to select would also be a nice way to select multiple notes.

    once selected groups of notes could then be edited using the four knob in the usual way, including event editing

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    I chose this thread because the title and its meaning are clear, but there are dozens of threads in which people have asked to select multiple notes. Sometimes people want to do it to select chords (vertical "select all"). Sometimes people want to select all notes on the same row (horizontal "select all") to change their pitch (KEYS or MIDI mode) or which pad they trigger (PADS mode). Sometimes people want to select a region that constitutes a musical pattern.

    IMO, the reason to +1 this thread (vs. any of the others) is to get a current measure of the the community's desire to select multiple notes and edit them. Editing multiple notes should be interpreted to include CUT, COPY, and PASTE, as well as rotating the encoders to edit them as you can currently edit a single selected note. I don't think most users care exactly how selecting multiple notes is achieved; they just want the functionality.

    Personally, I like the idea of clicking a column header to "select all" vertically and a row header to "select all" horizontally. I honestly don't have an opinion on the best way to achieve selecting a region. Maybe drag your finger when you're touching a column or row header to expand the selection on that axis.

    If you have asked for this elsewhere, thanks for considering adding your support to this thread.


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      I'll upvote this as well. We desperately need some kind of solution for moving multiple notes inside a sequence. And also for copying and pasting the selected notes between sequences.

      This thread is over two years old and cannot comprehend why this feature is not top priority.


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        Just adding a plus 1 here.


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          Also adding +1 from my side


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            Plus+1, a much needed feature