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  • Sleep Mode ???

    I realize unplugging the box is SUPER DUPER easy if we want to power it off, but i always feel so guilty plugging it in and unplugging it constantly throughout the day when i feel the inspiration to sample something, thinking i may be wearing down the life of the port in the back, I was hoping for maybe a "sleep mode" which allows me to always keep the black plugged in and ready to record at the press of a button

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    Agreed! It has the function on the bluebox. Next update?


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      Originally posted by Nejben77 View Post
      It has the function on the bluebox.
      is the bluebox doing "sleep mode" or a screensaver? regardless, I didn't know it did either.

      The topic of a screensaver has been raised previously:


      • Nejben77
        Nejben77 commented
        Editing a comment
        Yep it has a handy sleep mode.

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      I have it on a power strip with a switch. So I only have to unplug it when it leaves the studio, which hasn't happened in the last half year or so, for obvious reasons. And a sleep mode wouldn't help in that case either. So yeah, why not use a switchable power strip?


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        I have also added a switch to the power supply for the blackbox.
        I turn my stuff on in the morning and come and go, throughout the day.
        I just think it would be nice if the screen would shut off after something like 10 mins of inactivity.

        does the bluebox have any amount of internal storage?
        it just occurred to me that unlike many synths and elektron devices, there’s essentially no onboard read/write storage in the blackbox itself. No calendar, no clock, nada. So how’s it going to put itself to sleep after a time, if it doesn’t keep track of time....?