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Control pad filters from the MIX view?

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  • Control pad filters from the MIX view?

    When live jamming, it takes quite a few steps to go between the mixer/fx views, and the filter inside the settings for each pad. Could the filter values be exposed in the mixer for quick access, same way that pad volume is?

    Either as a separate page, or even on the main page next to vol and pan. Currently on the main page of the mixer, top two encoders control volume, and bottom two control panning - one of the knobs could be used for controlling the filter instead?

    (what I really want for jamming/performing is some kind of macro mode where the 4 encoders could be assigned to arbitrary params -- filters/fx sends/fx params/adsr values, maybe even midi cc.. but I'll come back with that wish another day haha)

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    +1 Great ideas


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      + 1 this is a Great idea! To have 4 different parameters controlled by the knobs in the MIX view would be amazing! I bet most people want the filter there too
      but actually your idea with the freely assigned parameters is amazing!
      Maybe then it could fit more under the FX view.
      You could select a pad and hit info. In that new fx info page you could select which 4 parameters that the knobs controls. There could be a list of choices like: filter, pitch, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, mute state, polyphony, ...
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        Nice mock denizgarout! Yes, perhaps the perform/macro mode would make more sense in the FX view. Ideally, there would be a way to have multiple macro configs and quickly switch between them.

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          Tried to imagine the macro mode within the current UI framework.

          - 4 groups of 4 cells, tap to select group.
          - encoders control the 4 values in the selected group.
          - info to configure the group
          - config screen: for each cell in the group, specify the destination (PAD01..PAD16, RVB, DLY, ...) and the param (ATK, FLT, FX1, VOL, PAN, ... FDBK, DCAY, ...)

          Having quick access to 16 params via 4 encoders from a single view would be amazing.

          In fact, add support for midi CC out to this, maybe multiple pages of macros, and I'm selling both the Fighter Twister AND the FaderFox EC4 because I won't want to touch their inferior knobs ever again.

          Click image for larger version

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            hopkirQue commented
            Editing a comment
            It would be nice to start with ability to assign GROUPS in MIX mode for VOLUME to turn the volume with 4 knobs for 4 groups. GROUPS could be assign in PAD mode like outputs or polyphony. Great for blackbox live playing/mixing/recording. Even ability to assign 4 knobs to selected pads in MIX mode via 4 rectangles on both sides would be helpful.