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Send sequence midi notes to USB Device midi out?

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  • Send sequence midi notes to USB Device midi out?

    Would it be possible to enable blackbox sequences to send midi notes out via USB Device?

    I love using my blackbox as a compact sequencer! I know, I know, it's conceptually a sampler, but having the option to drive a real synth via midi out, and to fall back to a sampled pad when on the go is such a powerful workflow.

    Currently, sequenced notes are only sent to TRS midi out - I re-read the section of the manual about midi out, and it specifically only mentions TRS, so I'm assuming this is by design. However blackbox DOES send midi notes to USB Device in other scenarios: I can set the midi out channel on a pad, and triggering the pad in PADS mode sends the note to both midi outs; playing with that pad in KEYS mode sends the notes to both midi outs too. Even the multi-sample recording wizard (amazing feature) sends the midi notes out via both TRS and USB Device.

    So why not sequences too?

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    I hear what you’re saying but I think it’s an underpowered underfeatured sequencer. I really wish they’d work the “conceptually sampler” part as a sampler it’s still lacking. It’s stretched out in ways I don’t think are entirely beneficial to being the powerful sampler it could be. Horses for courses kinda thing.