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More efficient waveform and note editor zooming gesture

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  • More efficient waveform and note editor zooming gesture

    So far the Blackbox is almost an example in terms of UI usability but there are still two places where I feel uncomfortable : the sample waveform view and the note editor view.

    So I suggest this alternative way to zoom/unzoom to the current "smartphonesque" pinch to zoom option, which is good for some situations (pictures/web) but quite impractical in the sample/pattern editing usage.

    This would work like below :

    - Place and keep your finger on the area of the sample/pattern where you want to zoom on
    - Use one of the knobs to zoom in/out
    - The place where your have your finger on becomes the epicenter of the zoom.

    That removes the need of constantly having to adjust the position of the visible area while zooming on the sample or note editor and I believe this will make the overall workflow way more efficient and pleasant. Of course current behavior can be kept, my suggestion is a bit of a shortcut for targeted zooming.

    You have one month, otherwise I file a patent

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    You. Are. A. Genius.

    ​​​​​​This is a really good idea and I'm instantly sad that I can't use the BB in this way


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      Haha thank you, patent pending... ;-)

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    agree new zooming and scrolling feauture would be great.


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      Different from my request which is about the zooming/unzooming, but still in the area of accelerating workflow, I also found interesting this request to make the start/end point selection faster.

      A “shift” type of function could be used to temporarily change the resolution of the knobs for faster trimming workflow.

      If both were implemented, that would greatly improve the workflow, it’s the kind of tricks that change the intermediate/advanced user’s experience.

      I don’t know if it’s possible but I believe the white mode/screen-view buttons on the bottom could also serve as shift layer when long pressed while turning the knobs. This could also influence what appears on the screen of course and add room for more functionality.
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        For clips, an alternative to zooming would be a beat grid laid over the waveform, based on the settings in the clip’s misc settings. This would among other use cases enable more relevant trimming or looping of clips.
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          all great ideas. +1 for bitbox too