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Simple Sample Bank Concept

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  • Simple Sample Bank Concept

    Thanks for an awesome product.

    The background for this request is the following:
    I’m using the BB as a stem recorder/sampler. I’m idea is to be able to play live sets using the BB “only” more or less.

    Here is an example of DMX Krew doing exactly this but on the mpc1000:

    So, to my request. The BB already allows for this but it would be great to easen the workflow. The limit is the pad number. Right now I can have four bass samples, four drum breaks, four melodies and so on. Putting them in looped slices kind of works but is a bit more tedious and also doesn’t keep in sync as good as does the clip sample style. Switching presets stops all samples and doesn’t let pads overlap each other.

    I’m only using pads here and not sequences or the song mode. All pads are in toggle mode, clip style samples of 1bar more or less.

    I’d love to have the concept of sample banks, and I thought of a way that shouldn’t be too complex to handle.

    My proposal:
    Add a sample bank setting per pad, maybe four, or more banks, that only changes the sample and the midi channel (if preferred). Utilizing samples in the current preset and using the same pad setting would keep the processing power at the current state but open up for a larger sample palette.

    Sample bank switches would thus use the same filter, reverb send etc etc.

    I’ll throw in a second, short request, too:
    Midi loop back of note on/off so pads on a controller would show if the pad is active or not (toggle mode). This would come in handy together. So that you’d know what current sample/bank is active on your controller.

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    With multisamples, you get significantly more than one sound per pad, though, right?


    • jayneural
      jayneural commented
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      I guess he wants to be able to quickly swap the sample from a PAD-assigned bank and then play the sample chromatically.

      Your solution of making a mult-sample does work for one-shots or loops that you don’t need to play in keyboard. Not very practical though as you first need to prepare a directory with all the samples to load.

    • shankiphonic
      shankiphonic commented
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      agree prepping folders externally is a chore.
      it would be nice if we could do some folder management in the box...

    • Isak126
      Isak126 commented
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      Yeah multisamples kind of works. But I feel that the workflow is aimed towards a different goal, sampling multiple notes automatically of an instrument. What I'm aiming for is to open up for a more manual workflow of selecting different samples to be assigned to the same pad. Where the sample in a bank easily could be replaced with another one.

      I'm not aiming to play it chromatically. I want to launch clips, and have maybe all my basslines (1-4 bar long clips) on one pad. All sharing the same pad settings apart from midi channel/and or note and sample file. Using the bb as a "clip launcher/recorder" runs out pads available for clips very fast for me right now :–)

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    It’d be great in box to be able to browse and assign various samples to a multi sample pad. Essentially now it spreads what 64 samples across keys? If you could load a folder up with samples from various locations on a card one at a time your sample mileage would be huge.


    • shankiphonic
      shankiphonic commented
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      it's true that the current implementation requires prior preparation outside of the blackbox.
      I would be psyched if we could "construct" multisamples in the blackbox, on the fly.

      as you describe, "..load up a folder with samples from various locations" <-- this makes sense given the way things work currently.
      Maybe a new file level command "send to folder". that would be dope