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rotkiv's comprehensive wish list

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  • rotkiv's comprehensive wish list

    • ADSR Midi modulation
    • ADSR as modulation source
    • Start/end edits of individual slices
    • FWD/REV of individual slices
    • Bandpass filter
    • L/R-panning flip
    • Stereo to mono/mono resampling
    • Destructive linear/exponential/logarithmic fade in/out of sample between start/end-points (MPC-style)
    • Lower bpm (at least/most 30 please, which makes 1/4 or -2 octaves of standard 120 BPM tempo. Handy for resampling purposes.
    • Group pad-mutes. In SEQ mode, there is a vacant square over "UNDO". Here I would love a "GRP" where you can play with Group mutes, also MPC-style. To implement this, all needed is to be able to set a sequence to a "Group-#", preferably in the 2nd page of Sequence settings of the specific sequence.
    • Note marker in the Sequencer-grid. Please! Sometimes I use every single step of the 256 with a common probability. Tedious to set each step. Being able to mark a field of notes would be great for nudging and transposing, aswell. There is a vacant square in the top-right-corner where a "note-marker-tool" would be very pleasant to see. Would make the very responsive screen way more interactive and intuitive.
    • Copy Sequence of one pad to a different pad. Also a function from MPC (at least JJOS) that is very commonly used.
    If you want me to break out this list to individual threads, please let me know.